While searching for the latest computer generated music software I came across a customizable online “artificial intelligence” algorithm that turns your computer into a music composer, you can select options and download a MIDI or MP3 file of the song. Not really ready to be hits but, I can certainly hear how some parts in these computer generated compositions could be used to inspire ideas or be modified into workable projects; which brings up some interesting points on the use of artificial intelligence to assist producers and artists in creating future hits, this article: HOW AI-GENERATED MUSIC IS CHANGING THE WAY HITS ARE MADE,” covers some interesting points and features before and after versions of the music used in this music video by artist Taryn Southern:

On the importance of sound.

As far as sound goes, many professionals audio as half of the movie experience, sometimes more importand than visuals depending on the scene. Found this interesting video on this topic. make sure to like and subscribe to their channel if you enjoy it.

Seeing with your Ears: Spielberg and Sound Design.

Blame the Gnome

As with most art, how can one begin to describe experiencing a drawing or illustration? We can try to categorize, label, praise or dislike it… or we can simply welcome the experience and have a taste.

Blame the Gnome is a prolific brand created by self-taught Illustrator Victor Souza, from Tijuana / San Diego. He often draws the spectator in with a miriad of curious details, transporting you into his unique worlds. The fine line illustration work is exquisite. Blame the Gnome illustrations are featured on a diverse catalog of products and unique gift ideas. I invite you to visit his work and share these visionary windows with friends.

On Facebook:

On Instagram: @blamethegnome

Jean “Moebius” Giraud

Most of us have been captivated by Jean “Moebius” Giraud’s unique art style, some of us without even knowing it. Moebius started out in French comics and became a legend, later catching the attention of directors like Alejandro Jodorowski (“Dune”), Ridley Scott (“Alien”), Luc Besson (“Fifth Element”) and others. At first, his illustrations’ style of line work reminded me a little of Peter Max and his psychedelic posters of the 60s. Not sure who influenced who, but I can see some Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau also. This “In Search of Moebius” (BBC 4 Documentary) does a great job of introducing us to his life’s work. Hope it inspires you!

New Electric Car Concept by SONY USA.

It is truly inspiring to see electric concept cars popping all over, this luxurious gem from SONY USA surprised everyone and brings hope for a fossil fuel free automotive future. Time for major car companies who have not already joined in, to take note and start innovating. This Digital Trends article has all the details and photos.


Amazing water vessel concept!!! I remember a quote while reading the I Ching (Book of Changes): observing nature is a secret source of power.” It seems that Italian engineer Ugo Conti looked at water insects for inspiration to build this unique water vessel design, I have to agree with them, it is a “new vessel class.” After sailing with his family for 3 years suffering from sea sickness, he decided to find a better solution to ocean navigation minimizing the impact of the rocking motion produced by waves. The result is PROTEUS WAM-V (Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel) prototype, an experimental futuristic looking watercraft, resembling a water spider (or water mosquito), using the legs to float on top of the water, thus the nickname “Spider Boat or The Spider Ship.” Marine Advanced Research, Inc. co- founders Ugo Conti and his wife Isabella Conti are leading this innovative watercraft design, developing WAM-V watercraft models suited for ocean exploration, biological studies, sea rescue, military uses and remote vehicle operations.
For more info and other WAM-V models, visit their website
KQED produced the video on the PROTEUS WAM-V watercraft.

Gnostic teachings on Krishna and the cosmic Christ force.

(Sanskrit कृष्ण) Literally, “black” or “dark blue.” Krishna is a central figure in Indian (Hindu) spirituality. His life bears a remarkable similarity to that of Jesus of Nazareth. His most famous teaching is expressed in the Bhagavad-Gita. Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu (in Kabbalah, the sephirah Chokmah), and is therefore a representation of Christ.

Full article here:


Tierra Science Global, QFX Hemp Oil

Intrigued by a enthusiastic family member who’s gotten several friends to try these CBD Oil products and eliminated the pain they’ve suffer for years. I decided to enroll and try these miracle QFX Hemp Oil and TechNO Qubit Patches to test for myself and my sciatica lower back pain. These healing patches promote Natural Pain Relief, they are considered Wellness Products to Attain Homeostasis.

If you wish to become an associate and get discounts, just click on this link and use my affiliate number: 172620 when they ask for Enroller ID. Aloha blessings on your path to healing.

El Chiflon Waterfalls in Chiapas, México!

Kristina & Michael of Off Path Travels present El Chiflon Waterfalls in Chiapas, México.

A lot of friends in México tell me that my photographs of Hawaiian hiking trails remind them a lot of the Chiapas landscape. After seeing this, I have to agree. I highly recommend checking out these amazing posts from my friends at Off Path Travels, check out their website and follow their travels, they are doing a beautiful job at exploring wonderful travel destinations and sharing useful travel tips, eyecatching photos and drone videos about exotic places we haven’t even heard about. If you like to travel off the beaten path, this is meant for you. Can’t wait to see what they share with us next! Aloha.


The Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept

The ASTON MARTIN VOLANTE VISION CONCEPT is a “flying car” design concept by Aston Martin (of 007 James Bond car fame) in partnership with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Cranfield University and Rolls-Royce. This experienced team have developed an beautiful concept for vertical take-off personal air mobility, which I believe outshines all other designs so far.
Looking forward to this dream becoming a reality soon, it’s the first personal flying vehicle that really catches my eye, other drone-based vehicles seem to be quirky proposals from tech brains with little input from industrial designers, but this one really looks like it was designed by sci-fi illustrators for the future. Best of luck to Aston Martin and partners!
Visit the Aston Martin webpage for more photos and information here: